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Endless possibility, rent our cars for a longer period of time.

All About Our Services

What Our Services Include

Our service is a relatively simple concept, when it comes down to it we rent out exotic and special cars for special occasions. We would love for you to get familiar with the eclipse and/or the famous classics of the automotive industry.


Looking to experience one of our cars without a longer term commitment and deposit? In that case we would entice you to explore our experience services. The experience services are intended for young enthusiasts who are yet to acquire their license or to see what the car can really do with an experienced driver.

Long-term rental for special occasions


In case you are looking to fulfill an automotive dream, either for a special occasion or just to enjoy with you and a family member or loved one, you are also in the right place. In that case we would like to direct you toward a short introduction to our fleet through which you can explore the possibilities of a long-term rental with your car of choice. Looking for something tailored to your needs? Feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to work on your wishes and explore different options for your possible requests.

We hope to fulfill all your automotive dreams and needs, have fun exploring!