Spice up your event, entirely tailored to your needs.

Our passion for cars is largely for their ability to create emotion at any given occasion. We understand the importance of immaculate planning for your event and as much unburdening as we can offer when it comes to supplying cars for your event. Curious to learn more? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities by contacting us or by learning more from the information displayed below.

Attention to detail.

All our rentals are cleaned on both interior and exterior levels prior to

pick-up or delivery of the vehicle. 


Not able to pick the vehicle up prior to your event? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We offer fully unburdening transport so you can worry about the important things.

Consistency to the bone.

We strive to offer our services at perfect capacity. Technology needs to be well maintained, and we realize this all too well. All our cars are frequently in maintenance to ensure a smooth enjoyable ride.

Long-term rental services