Frequently Asked Questions

How does the deposit work with long-term rentals?

We try to make our experience as convenient as possible for you. With this in mind we use a 'reservation' method on your creditcard commonly also used by hotels. This means no actual transaction will be necessary as long as the rental period is ended to the satisfaction of both parties involved. 

Do I get free kilometers with my rental?

Absolutely! Your first 100 kilometers are free of charge when renting for a single day. Looking to rent for a longer period? In that case you'll receive 200 free kilometers to start with.

Is there any risk involved with renting such high powered performance cars?

In life nothing is without risk, however, as long as our instructions are carefully followed and you treat the rentals as your own property your experience shouldn't be any different than our own.

How do I make a reservation?

You can either make a reservation by navigating over to 'long-term rentals' through our menu or contacting us directly through:

Can I use a rental car for commercial use?

Absolutely! Please feel free to get in contact with us, we would love to discuss the opportunities with you. 

What do I do when my question still isn't answered?

Please feel free to contact us!