Tesla Model S P100D


A truly 'ludicrous' experience you will never forget. Yes, there's more experience in the roar of a naturally aspirated V8 from our beautiful GranTurismo. Nevertheless, driving electric shouldn't be underestimated, the sheer energy in instant power is something like never before...


So what are you waiting for! Book our P100D experience and feel 770 horsepower at an instant with a sheer 2,3 seconds to 100 km/h (yes, it's that crazy).


Maserati GranTurismo

MC Stradale

*long-term rental and/or experience*

Our proud and joy, the MC Stradale is a true masterpiece. No, it won't beat the Tesla in a drag race. Yes, the experience beats almost anything and the start-up sound alone is something we could waste hours on drooling over.

Driving the Maserati is a defining experience for any car enthousiast, your smile is guaranteed and you will understand why so many owners have chosen for naturally aspirated V8's. 

Interested? Book our car for a day and tour backroads like never before. We'll see you soon.